Stage 4

Find more customers

If you’re ready to accelerate your business growth, consider running Facebook ads. They can help you get your message out to more people and find more customers faster.

Don’t have much experience with ads? That’s okay: Facebook offers do-it-yourself ads for every level of experience.

4 steps to create your first ad

Identify your business goal.

It might be to sell more products on your website, or to get more people to visit your store, or to have more one-on-one conversations with customers. Whatever your objective, Facebook ads can help you achieve it.

Create text and photos to showcase your offering.

Keep your ad text short and to the point: 2-3 lines at the most. When creating photos, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer. Your smartphone can likely snap great pictures, and there are many easy-to-use apps that let you add effects and other details.

Select your ideal customer.

Facebook can help you reach the right people for your business when you create an audience that roughly matches your customers. You can choose demographics (age range, gender), locations (cities, zip codes), and interests (women’s fashion, cooking, science-fiction, etc.).

Choose how much you want to spend.

Facebook ads fit any business budget. Consider spending $5 to $10 a day for 4 or more days to help Facebook find the right people for your ad.