FAQ’s Page

Where do you get your leads?

Ads are broadcasted on the Facebook platform to reach VERY targetted audiences in your specific zip codes. People who show interest in these ads are followed up with until they book an appointment or wish to speak with you directly.

What did the leads look like?

We only give you leads that are warm and interested in your real estate services. The main goal is to gather contact information and/or a scheduled appointment to speak with you.

What am I paying for this?

Advertising spend is calculated based on your unique goals and budget. We see best results with an ad budget of at least $15/day. Our service of finding, capturing, and managing leads for you is priced at $997/month. We make the process completely handsfree for you so that you can concentrate on closing deals.

How soon can I expect results?

You will see results in the first 30 days of working with us. That’s why we offer the first month of your subscription for free.

What does the timeline looks like?


  • WEEK 1: Market Analysis & Testing
  • WEEK 2: Campaign Optimization
  • WEEK 3: Qualifying Leads And Increasing Conversions
  • WEEK 4: Scaling & Repeat
What is my investment?

Your investment begins with an initial campaign setup of MULTIPLE lead generation funnels priced at $1997. From there you will receive your first free month of campaign management. After the first month, if you are satisfied with the results, you can continue the service for as long as you would like for $997/month.

Are there other advertising options I can do in my area?

There are other advertising opportunities such as Premier Agent Ads and direct mail, but these do not have the targetting capabilities that Facebook offers. Also, when leads are collected via traditional methods such as direct mail, it’s practically impossible to track the ROI and cost per lead.

Are there contracts?

We like to make the process completely risk-free for you. If you decide to pick up and mve to Tahiti there is no binding contract.

Is this advertising?

Yes, This is Facebook Advertising paired with strategic lead generation strategies so that you can track your ROI and costper- lead every step of the way.

Is it strictly lead generation?

We go the extra mile compared to other lead generation companies in this niche. We use follow-up sequences, content pieces, and other strategies to funnel cold leads to book an appointment with you.

Do I have to be on Facebook?

Everything is completely hands-free for you. No need to have any technical experience or desire to post on Facebook. We take care of that for you. Each week, we will walk you through exactly what’s happenningwith your campaings in terms that you understand. Information is available to you every step of the way.