How to make online advertising actually WORK.

A reliable, repeatable system to:

  • Turn cold audiences into leads
  • Turn leads into appointments
  • Turn appointments into clients and customers


Ready to take your marketing from blunderous to thunderous?

At Whims Inc., we design money machines.

Put $1 into the machine in the form of ads, and get $2 back in the form of revenue.

We’re not just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing if it sticks. This is a SYSTEM. And by definition, a system has more than one step:

  • We dig into your target market. Who are they? What do they want, and how can we package your offer into something that effortlessly entices them?
  • We go where they go and speak to them the way they want be spoke to. If you sound like a salesman, they’ll treat you like one.
  • We build beautiful, memorable ad campaigns that get people nodding, clicking, and buying from you with predictability.
  • And best of all, because of our one-of-a-kind strategies, they’re happy to do so for as long as we let them. That’s brand loyalty.

Our Strategies Work Because Our Team Does

We’re passionate about marketing at the intersection of technology and psychology.

Our stone cold veterans in the disciplines of social media marketing, design, sales, ad strategy and copywriting have over 63 years of combined experience, and nothing makes us hungrier than a fresh campaign to dive into.

Does your agile and ambitious company need a strong new marketing arm?

Let’s talk about collaboration, strategy, and results.

About Whims Inc.

We love working with courageous organizations that deserve more visibility and market share. We innovate and take brands to new heights by combining logic and data with emotion and creativity to earn the curiosity, attention, and loyalty of consumers.
We are not bound by industry or geography. We shatter limits. We willingly go to extraordinary lengths to dream and create. We celebrate the outrageous as well as the courageous, and thrive in uncharted territory… because it won’t hold its mysteries for long.


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Services We Offer

Paid Social Media Marketing

Paying for social media allows you to increase reach, improve targeting, & drive better results.

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Services We Offer


Managing social media means that your social media content will correspond to the mission, vision and look and feel of your business. Everything must be cohesive.

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Services We Offer

Social Media

We know that managing multiple social media accounts can be a struggle and time-consuming process for many companies, and much more if you don’t have a specialized staff in the field. Fortunately, we are here to help you out on this industry that has grown so much in the last 10 years.

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Services We Offer

Graphics Design

94% of users view website design as the reason they trust or reject a website, a similar situation occurs with the social media. This is the reason why you should have a professional graphic design service that not only gives you high quality designs, but also adapts to the vision and spirit of the company.

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Who we are?

A team of professionals experienced in working with a diverse range of commercial businesses; whether to develop social media marketing strategies or to provide stunning visuals on a social channel. We are here to help, even if you’re a new web business.

What we do

We provide a broad range of services for organizations that need assistance in marketing their business products or services(online).

About Us

Meet The Heroes Behind The Company

Kaido Whims

Kaido Whims


As a result-oriented professional with broad experience in operations, project management, and business administration, his focus is achieving bottom-line results by aligning teams to be more effective.

His work ethic is built on a strong sense of integrity, dependability, and a desire to deliver projects efficiently.

Yoana Padron

Yoana Padron

Senior Designer

Yoana is focused on the professional/personal growth. Designed to achieve the best functional results to generate a favorable quality and impact. She likes to think outside the box.
Shahzad Inayat

Shahzad Inayat


A dedicated and skilled professional that can tackle any kind of challenge. Over the last 5 years, he has developed a wide range of websites using Joomla CMS and WordPress, JQuery, PHP and MySQL including sites for startup companies and small businesses.
Jadranka Cvetkovic

Jadranka Cvetkovic

Head Of Human Resources and Operations

A dedicated professional that does a large scope of work in multiple areas. Started off as a freelancer several years ago, she gained experience in project management, HR operations, recruiting and business development. Her main priority is to provide the highest quality of work in less time and her ultimate objective is to maintain a healthy enviroment in the team.


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We treat your business like it is our own. We are a passionate and creative company that want to see your business grow and succeed.

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Doing social media in an innovative and creative way is today’s need, so we are here!


We plan the social media strategies for your business to meet your business goal. 


Our team will support you to solve social media problems and to make decisions regarding social media engagements.  
WHIMSINC is committed to delivering the highest quality of work. View what we’ve done in the past.

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