4 Ways To Use Paid Ads And Book Real Estate Appointments 

Running out of leads for your real estate business? You can either implement these yourself or have a professional at Whims INC. get the job done for you.

1. Digital Geo-farming

I’m sure it’s no news to you that geo-farming is traditionally done with direct mail and door-knocking throughout a particular neighborhood. Facebook Ads can enhance your direct mail strategy which can be set to display in a particular zip code.

From there, instead of knocking on doors you can use Facebook Messenger Ads to spread awareness of your services in a non-intrusive way by showing up in their inbox instead of their doorstep.

2. Incredible Targeting Capabilities 

Speaking of targeted ads, have you explored the incredible targeting capabilities of Facebook Ads? Real estate agents can present ads to:
  • People interacting with sites like Zillow and Trulia
  • Individuals visiting the pages of competitor agents in your area
  • People who are part of real estate investing groups 


The cost per lead utilizing traditional direct mail can be as high as $50? With online advertising, this can be reduced to as little as $5.50/lead according to Zapier.com. 

3. Local Spotlight Ads 

Stand out among the rest of the real estate agents online by advertising listings in a creative way. Try showcasing a local business or attraction near a listing to give people an inside look at the surrounding area. After all, people buy the neighborhood with the house.

4. Live Stream Open Houses

Live streams put you at top priority of the news feed. For this reason, spread more awareness of your open house events. Sometimes people aren’t able to attend open houses due to long-distance, busy schedules or it could just be inconvenient . Give them the opportunity to attend your open houses from the comfort of their couch. Hop on a live stream before the open house is scheduled in order to spread the word and let your audience know when you’ll go live. This can greatly increase attendance. 
PRO TIP: During your live stream ask attendees to tag anyone they know who might be interested in the home. After the open house, you’ll have a list of new leads to follow up with. 

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